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Ferris Wheel

The Story

     Effie knew she wasn’t the same after her accident but didn’t realize how different she had become until her family vacation. When Effie begins to hear whispers and have visions things get really strange! Effie finds a love letter to her mother that isn’t from her father! A strange mystery girl seems to follow her wherever she goes but vanishes before Effie can confront her.  Even the rides in the amusement park begin to speak to her! Effie wonders; is she going crazy? Are all the things that are happening trying to tell her something?


     Effie enlists the aide of her detective brother, Jimmy, along with her long-time Crystal Beach buddies Lydia and her mischievous little brother Sniff. The friends race through the old amusement park to try and find answers while trying to avoid a local bully. As their investigation deepens Effie begins to be haunted by dreams that seem to hold the key to everything that is happening. When the investigation falters Effie struggles to overcome self-doubt and the realization that her idyllic vacation spot isn’t what it seems to be. Trying not to lose faith, Effie embraces her new abilities hoping the whispers and signs will lead her and her friends to the answers they need to save her family and discover the identity of the mystery girl.

The Park

Crystal Beach was a real amusement park in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. It operated for nearly 100 years from 1890-1989. Much of Crystal Beach’s history has been preserved by William E. Kae. His book, Crystal Beach Park: A Century of Screams was a primary source of research for this story. The rides and attractions described in this book were all real. The characters and events are a work of fiction. 

Below are some of the rides from the story. If you hover over the Laff in The Dark, it reveals a map of the park. Each ride below is circled. 


The Magic Palace, where Effie has her first eerie encounter. 

1981-1983 Layout.jpg

The Pirate, Sniff's object of obsession. 

The Laff in the Dark ride that haunts Effie's dreams.

My Books

Midway Fun and Games

Rowdy Wrestling.JPG

Crystal Beach Commercial

Mertz' Wrestling Mayhem


Test your Mystic Knowledge!

Could Effie's Powers Be Real?


About the Author

A.A. Blair is a child of the 80’s who fell in love with Crystal Beach as a vacation spot with his young family. Much of Blair’s writing can be easily found peppered throughout cyberspace. Readers of this writing would rightly consider it obtuse techno-babble, but we all have to make a living somehow. In Mystic of the Midway, the Guelph-based writer shares a pop-culture paranormal mystery that has scored extremely high with audiences during bedtime reading.

To contact A. A. Blair email: 

Below is an author reading of Mystic of the Midway. 

The Reviews

"A supernatural mystery with fun, fascinating characters at its heart." 

Shane Arbuthnott, author of Guardians of Porthaven.

An absorbing and entertaining read from first page to last, "Mystic of the Midway" showcases author A. A. Blair's genuine flair for originality and the kind of narrative storytelling that keeps their young readers ages 13-17 fully engaged from one plot twist to another. Simply stated, "Mystic of the Midway" is especially recommended for middle school, high school, and community library YA Fiction collections.

Midwest Book Review

"A great introductory book ... creepy, but not scary ... the reader gets completely immersed".

Deviant Quill Reviews

“A well-crafted debut novel, A.A. Blair's MYSTIC OF THE MIDWAY offers serious food for thought for young readers, along with thrills and chills, without being too scary.”


"Great storytelling, endearing protagonists, and a finely executed plot make this a winner for middle graders. An utterly engrossing entry that will leave readers impatiently awaiting the author’s next novel."

The Prairies Book Review

"Mystic of the Midway by A. A. Blair is a charming book for children about overcoming obstacles and harnessing one’s unique gifts."

Online Book Club

Mystic of the Midway is a gripping paranormal mystery for older elementary level and early teens. With suspense and thrill, the author has really captured the emotion for the audience in the writing. The action was fast paced, the dialogue was relevant and entertaining, and the characters were written accurately for their ages. This is a great supernatural thriller that will keep kids engaged

Literary Titan

"A. A. Blair creates a beautiful tale suffused with humanity, realism and superior storytelling. The confident writing, the focused scenes, and the compelling characters got me turning the pages. "

The Book Commentary

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